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September 15: Psalm 62 - Power Belongs to God

September 15: Psalm 62 - Power Belongs to God

2 Samuel 11; 2 Corinthians 4; Ezekiel 18; Psalms 62–63

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We must remember that David faces life-and-death threats. He’s not using euphemisms: real liars surround him (4), cursing him behind his back, plotting to overthrow him as king - which would certainly lead to his violent death. They want his place of power.

David’s situation greatly overlaps with Jesus’, described in his parable of the vineyard (Luke 20:9-18). Jesus is the Owner’s Son, whom the tenants of the vineyard want to kill so that they can have it all to themselves. This is all about power. Thus the closer Jesus gets to Jerusalem, the more Psalm 62 describes him (Luke 19:11).

And like David, Jesus did not entrust himself to men (John 2:24). God alone is his rock and salvation (Ps. 62:2, 5-7). To be like David, and more perfectly, like Jesus, means to make God the object, or resting place, of one’s faith. Jesus, though God, trusted in God, perfectly, for us, in our place. And we follow him.

Thus our faith does not rest on a prayer that you or I once prayed. It does not rest on our baptism. Nor does it rest on another person, or on an institution. He is to be trusted, at all times, in all seasons (8).

Because “power belongs to God” (11). We all know that those of low estate are but a breathe - here today, gone tomorrow. But the same is true for the powerful - “their” power is not theirs; that’s a “delusion.” To call them “powerful” in themselves is to engage in the delusion. Power belongs to God. And He only lends out His power temporarily, and according to His infinite wisdom.

All of this truth, David takes to heart, in the middle of his storm of threats. This allows him then to speak candidly and constructively, to his enemies. Note that much of the psalm is voiced to the very people who want to kill him and take his place. Taking hold of this truth allows him to face his threats with clarity, while at the same time avoiding becoming just as venomous, bitter and murderous as they are.

His message is clear and most constructive, one that our own generation must hear: power belongs to God. Do not think you can take it by force, by deceit or other evil means. You can even kill God’s anointed, and it will not matter. For He will, and did, rise from the dead. Humble yourselves, and place your faith in him.

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